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Feng Shui Friday – The Bagua

How To Use The Bagua To Create Positive Changes In Your Life

The Cowan Connection Team beleives in the power of Feng Shui and how using Feng Shui can help to improve your life. We will focus on how Feng Shui should be applied to enhance your current home life as well as during your home buying and selling experience.

Feng Shui Bagua

When you’re ready to make positive changes in your life and have planned out your goals, get out your bagua map and overlay it to the layout of your home.

Go ahead and the print out bagua map now so you can start changing your life today!


How Do You Apply The Bagua Map?

If you were to look down on your home from a helicopter above, you will overlay the bagua map on top of the shape of your home. Use tracing paper for easier results. Align the lower row of your grid, with the wall of your main door.

* Don’t worry if your home is longer or does not perfectly fit within the square, we will offer tips for any missing areas you may have.*** Go floor by floor.

The are 9 areas (otherwise known as a GUA) in the Life Map Bugua using the Western Style of Feng Shui

  • Abundance & Prosperity – This area represents wealth, happiness & peace. It also symbolizes prosperous opportunities and your ability to capitalize on them.
  • Fame & Reputation. This area symbolizes how others see you and how they asses and recognize your contributions. It also correlates integrity and honesty within.
  • Relationships & Love. This area illustrates your relationships with others. It helps you cultivate harmonious and enduring relationships built upon trust & unconditional love.
  • Creativity & Children. This area manifests imagination, joy and creativity.  It also suggests your relationship with your children as well as child bearing.
  • Helpful People & Travel. This area serves backing, guidance, and love from close friends and hidden helpers. Couple that with  traveling and moving, it also stands for letting go of peoples energy that doesn’t serve you.
  • Career & Journey. This area illustrates more than your career, it coincides to your life purpose & the flow of life.
  • Skills & Knowledge. This area produces personal strength, self-mastery, resourcefulness, wisdom and self-control. It also represents the bond between a serene mind & intelligent mind.
  • Family and Elders. This area symbolizes strong  loving family relations, honesty & forgiveness, health and the foundations for a fulfilled life. It also honors ancestry.
  • Health and Center. This gua is the middle ground and also symbolizes health & a balanced life.

Find out which room(s) in your home fall within the Wealth & Prosperity area / gua if you want to enhance finances in your life….Looking to improve your Marriage or find a new mate? Enhance the Love & Marriage gua of your home. We have specific tips for each gua coming in future blogs.

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Attract Wealth, Health and Love with Feng Shui

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