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Introducing Feng Shui Friday’s

The Cowan Connection offers #FengShuiFriday Tips

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The Cowan Connection wants to be more than just your team of real estate agents. We want to be your source of inspiration when your home’s functionality come to mind. 

Sure we’ll guide you through the home selling and home buying experience with ease and comfort but we also want to help you enjoy the time you have living in your home today!

We’re introducing a new “Feng Shui Friday” feature. Every Friday we will blog a Feng Shui tip you can use to enhance your home, office or property to attract love, money, better luck & overall energy.

What is Feng Shui ?


Three main components of Feng Shui:

  • flow of energy
  • balance of yin and yang
  • five elements in the universe – fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to the application and practicality of Feng Shui in your home and work space.

We are using one school for the purpose of simplicity.

  1. Compass School – oldest, ancient practice
  2. *BSTB School – Western, modern practice

In our #FengShuiFriday tips we will refer to the simplified version of  BTSTB School or the “Western” version of Feng Shui. We recognize the Compass School methodology since it has been in practice for over 3,000 thousand years. However, we also know that you are probably way too busy to apply the Compass School style of Feng Shui.

We’re going to keep it real simple….Our next blog will be talking about the Bagua and how we can easily map your home or office using the Bagua to find out how the slightest improvement to your Wealth & Prosperity area and Love & Marriage area can really make your life better!

The Cowan Connection #FengShuiFriday tips will help you buy or sell your home faster and live the best life possible in your current home right now!

Never despair, there are “cures” to bad Feng Shui. We’ll be discussing some of these simple “cures” and how you can improve your life by clearing the clutter and energy flow in your own home. Here are some things Feng Shui could improve:

  • Relationships
  • Job search
  • Improved health
  • Promotion
  • Fertility
  • Safety
  • Business

Remember, it’s all about the intention you put into it. As you apply these tips be sure to imagine the joy and harmony that will come from a well focused intention. We are very excited about #FengShuiFriday and hope you look forward to it as well. Is there someone in your life who you’d like to uplift? Be sure to share this blogpost with them.

Do you have any questions about living better lives using Feng Shui in your home? Ask us! We may write a blogpost about it. Subscribe to our blog and never miss a Feng Shui Tip. #FengShuiFriday

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