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    Selling Your Home With A Busy Road Next To It | Feng Shui Friday | Tips For Selling Faster

    What if you are selling your home but it is next to a busy road and the buyer is not happy with your home because of that?

    river in flood

    Living next to a busy road could be a negative thing for homeowners especially if there is a lot of noise. If you are trying to sell your home on a busy road but are having difficulties selling your home, there may be something you can do about it.

    This #FengShuiFriday blog post is all about offering possible cures for the busy road and the negative energy that brings to your home. If you are buying or selling a home these Feng Shui tips will clear the negative energy generated from the busy traffic whizzing by.

    Rushing Chi is the same as saying rushing energy and could be a high energy-drain. Thinking in Feng Shui terms, a busy road is like a raging river of energy flowing next your home. The energy of a flowing river would be wonderful but not the energy of pollution that cars leave, not to mention the sound of cars driving by really fast, horns honking, smell of gas are all reasons why a busy road is not a good thing to live next to.

    What are some things you could do?

    • Add a buffer between your home and the road. You could plant large soft bushes beneath the windows to absorb sound and buffer energy. A fence is also a good buffer.
    • Place a metal wind chime between your home and the street, hopefully there is a tree that you can hang it from.
    • You can also add colored flags, mobiles, windmills, whirligigs or weather vanes along the property line closest to the road. A weather vane pointed straight at the negative chi will kill that negative energy in it’s tracks. Always chose odd numbers over even numbers when you buy and install the flags, mobiles, windmills etc…
    • Odd numbers of round faceted crystals, hung by red ribbons or string, can slow down chi rushing at your window openings.
    • A great way to drown out the noise of a busy road is to add a water feature inside and/or outside of your home. If you are selling your home and want to take the attention away from the busy road, be sure to place a tabletop water fountain in your home closest to the part of the home where the most noise can be noticed. You never want to deceive people, but they could also place a water feature in their home and live peacefully.

    Just remember a water fountain in the bedroom or kitchen is not good Feng Shui so don’t place it there.

    If you are showing your home and don’t have that fountain yet, just play some soothing music to drown out the subtle or not subtle sound of the busy road.

    Did you read last week’s #FengShuiFriday blog post about good Feng Shui in your bedroom? We want to make your home buying and selling experience the best it can be!

    If you live in Cobb County or Metro Atlanta, Find Out What Your Home Is Worth!

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