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    8 Tips That Will Help Optimize Your Downsize

    Downsizing For Babyboomers.

    1. Research – Be sure to study your options and become well informed. What state do you want to live in? Is it a local move? What are the state taxes? Is it near a hospital? How far is it from your loved ones? Make sure you are aware of the proximity if things like noise, smell and traffic matter to you. Is it too close to a noisey highway or a smelly chicken farm? Do you want to live in a planned community with plenty of daily fun and entertainment? City or Country living? These are important considerations.
    2. Create a “Downsize Plan” – Use the research you found to develop a plan even if you are not planning to move just yet. Having a plan prevents a lot of headaches if and when the time comes to move and also gives you time to adjust the plan to best suit your needs.
    3. Test your options – A great way to test your options is to rent somewhere for a few years and make sure it is where you want to be.
    4. Consider future conveniences – Try to anticipate what will be most important to you in the future? Swimming pool for exercise? Drug Store?
    5. Roommate pro’s and con’s – What seems like a decent idea right now may not be the best for your future plans. Friends and family are not always ideal roommates. You can try living with them first as a test run just to make sure that this is what you want long term.
    6. Circumstances change – Remember, if you are moving to another town, city or state to be closer to a loved one….their circumstances could change. A new job or marriage could shift the course of their lives and you don’t want to be stuck somewhere you don’t like. Pick where you would like to live for YOU!
    7. Procrastination – Don’t move in a rush. Your choices could be taken out of your hands.
    8. Life events – Many professionals recommend that you do not move right after a divorce or death of a loved one. Waiting at least a year and then revisiting your situation is best.

    Moving is a huge decision. Our team of professionals are here to help you in your downsizing and moving process. Do you live in the Metro Atlanta and Cobb County area? Find Out What Your Home Is Worth.

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