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What Are Feng Shui Cures? – Feng Shui Friday – The Cowan Connection

What Are Feng Shui Cures? – #FengShuiFriday

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Use Feng Shui Cures To Better Your Life!

Fountains, Crystals, Mirrors & Plants…Use these #FengsShuiFriday tips to fix bad chi (energy).

If you have been following our blogs then you should know more about the power of Feng Shui including mapping your property using the Baugua and Landscaping Your Yard for Wealth and Good Luck . There are common mistakes home builders & owners make by not using Feng Shui as a guide.

Examples of bad Feng Shui:

  • front & back door in line with each other…in other words, if you can walk in a straight line from front door to back door
  • stairs should not end at the front door
  • the street dead ends at your property
  • mirrors facing your bed

What can you do about it? Use cures!

As we continue to blog about Feng Shui we will address specific areas but right now we are just covering the basics. Cures are used to unblock the negative energy to cure bad Feng Shui.

Chi is the natural flow of energy

We will refer to the Flow of Energy as ‘Chi’….think of energy flowing like water. If Chi is blocked then all kinds of things can happen. Think of a river flowing and then it hits a boulder that blocks the entire river. It can cause a total blockage or stagnate a once beautiful flow. Energy flows the same way.

Other terms for bad energy / Chi is ‘poison arrows’ or ‘killing Chi’.

In the case of the stairs ending at the front door, imagine the Chi flowing rather fast down the stairs and out the front door. If you are experiencing financial difficulty you could cure the killing chi by keeping a bright light lit at the front door (3 hours everyday) or in the foyer where the stairs are. You don’t want your wealth pouring out the front door, try it!

If that is not practical, hang a crystal between the stairs and the front door. We will talk more about crystals in a future blogpost. Or simply hang a small mirror at the back of the door to reflect the energy back up the stairs. These are all effective ways to soften the poison arrows.

There are more cures we want to share. Be sure to follow our blog and never miss a #FengShuiFriday tip or cure for bad chi. Want to improve your love life? Gain more energy? Travel more? Bring Wealth & Prosperity into your life? Practice the ancient philosophy of  Feng Shui to acheive all over balance and harmony to your life.

Next Friday we will discuss ‘ying and yang’ followed by the ‘Five Earth Elements’.

Did you catch last week’s Feng Shui Friday Tip? It was all about the Landscaping Your Yard for Wealth and Good Luck.

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