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    Your Bedroom | Love-Marriage-And-Relationships | Feng Shui Friday From The Cowan Connection Blog

    Looking for love or want to enhance your current love life?

    Happy couple in love with painted smiley holding red heart

    Here are a few #FengShuiFriday ideas for your home. Remember, the bedroom is meant for relaxation and romance. It is yin in nature. – calm and soothing.

    The art of placement is another way of looking at Feng Shui. You learned from our Bagua blog-post that far-right corner room of your overall floor plan, is always considered to be the Love, Marriage & Relationships area in your home, so apply these tips to your bedroom as well as that area in your home even if it is not your bedroom.
    Best Colors – Pink, White, Red
    Best Symbols – Pairs….2 candles, 2 pillows, 2 wine glasses.
    Best Imagery – Photos of a couple in love, happiness, calmness
    Best PracticeClear the clutter (get rid of the old…an ex and move on with the new), remove single items.

    Avoid – There really should not be any mirrors in the bedroom. We know this is hard but according to ancient philosophy, mirrors reflect negative energy while you sleep. (cure: drape a beautiful pink, red or white covering over it)

    Avoid: Plants or Fountains in the bedroom. Plants emit yang energy that can disturb sleep.

    Avoid: Family pictures should not be in the bedroom. This is your own private place.

    Avoid: A home office space is not meant to be in the bedroom. Cover your computer like you do the mirrors if this is totally unavoidable. Home offices are yang and not a good compliment to your yin environment.

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